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Best Unethical Life Hacks: Save Money, Time and Effort Using These Great Timeless Life Hacks

Get smart, witty, and creative with these unethical life hacks, to surely turn the situation in your favor. Just don't forget to overdo them!

Rejecting calls without them knowing

Are you having a crappy day and you just don't want to talk to anyone? Well, instead of ending the call, put your phone on airplane mode! The caller will see "call failed" instead of "call ended." Bam, problem solved!

call failed iphone

Rejecting calls like a boss

Do you hate talking to people when you're feeling down? Don't just hang up on them like a savage, put your phone on airplane mode! The caller will be none the wiser and you can go back to binge-watching your favorite shows. Crisis averted!

iphone airplane mode

Turn insults into compliments

Someone just called you fat? You don't have to let it ruin your day. Just respond with, "Oh, I used to be a lot heavier!" or be witty about it with "Oh, why, thank you! I've been working on my curves lately." Suddenly, they'll feel like a total jerk or be baffled while you're laughing on the inside.

funny insult to compliment

Praise yourself for that promotion

Have you been working hard for that raise or promotion, and yet your boss hasn't noticed? Well then, send your boss or store a bunch of anonymous emails prasing yourself for your hard work and recommendable service. Remember, just don't forget to overdo it!

Bottomline: If you don't toot your own horn, who will? Plus, your boss will know you mean business.

pat yourself on the back

Double the scoops for the same price

Want more ice cream for the same price? Just order a single scoop and then ask for a second scoop after they've served the first one. They'll match the size of the first scoop, which is most of the time bigger. Genius, right?

Clean up your messy roommate's act

Tired of living in filth? Create a fake Tinder profile, match with your slob roommate, and ask them to tidy up before you come over. They'll be so embarrassed they'll clean everything spotless. And you'll get the clean house you deserve!

Spy on people like a pro

Want to be a secret agent? Use AirPods' "Live Listen" feature to turn your iPhone into a spy mic. Leave your phone charging in the room you want to snoop in, and listen in remotely. It's like Mission Impossible, but for real!

spy with airpods' live feature

Have a "feel" of your answers

Didn't get enough time to review for an exam? Learn how to read Braille and then leave a cheat sheet in your pocket on exam day. It'll sure be handy for those Math formulas!

Keep dogs off your lawn

Tired of other people's pets pooping on your lawn? Put up a sign that says "Lawn Recently Treated with Toxic Pesticides" instead of the usual "No Dogs Allowed" sign. They'll stay away in fear, and you'll have a poop-free lawn. Win-win!

pesticide  lawn

Trick sellers for a lower price

Want a good deal online? Make a bunch of low offers from fake accounts, and then send a "reasonable" offer using your real account. The seller will be so relieved to have a real offer that they'll accept it without thinking twice. Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

Book connecting flights for cheaper fares

Want to save some cash on flights? Try booking a connecting flight with a layover at your desired destination, then just hop off during the layover. If you get lucky, you can sometimes save 30-50% on your airfare! This is definitely our favorite! Just don't forget to find a way to sort out your checked-in luggage or better yet, don't check-in if not needed!


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book cheaper flight fares via connecting flights

Bonus Unethical Hack: Orgasm like a boss

Want your partner to up their game in the bedroom? Tell them you've never orgasmed from oral sex before. They'll put in extra effort, and you'll finally get the big "O" you've been waiting for! It's a win-win situation, for both of you.

bed sheet orgasm

There you have it, folks! These tips will help you tackle life like a boss, with humor and style. Enjoy and use it in moderation!



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