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Hello Hong Kong: Free Flights to HK ∙ Hong Kong Government Tourism Campaign ∙ Free Travel Hack

Hong Kong HK Skyline with Chinese Junk Ship

Hello Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government has launched a $2 billion "Hello Hong Kong" campaign to boost its tourism industry, which was heavily impacted by COVID-19.

As part of the campaign, the government is giving away 500,000 airline tickets worth over $254.8 million, to be distributed by Cathay Pacific, HK Express and Hong Kong Airlines. The giveaway starts on March 1 and lasts for about six months, with tickets distributed gradually to Southeast Asian countries, followed by mainland China and Northeastern Asia. In addition, there will be 1 million vouchers worth over HKD100 each for discounts on food, drinks, transport, hotels, retail, and attractions.

Kid with free flight to Hong Kong HK

Free Flights to Hong Kong ∙ HK

Entry Requirements

  • Visitors are required to test negative for COVID and provide proof of vaccination.

  • Hong Kong residents who are not fully vaccinated and non-residents who have visited places outside mainland China, Macao or Taiwan in the past seven days will be denied entry.

  • The full border reopening between Hong Kong and mainland China began on February 6, with no limit on the number of people and no need for pre-entry COVID-19 testing.

Free Tickets

  • Details of giveaway mechanism are available on the participating airlines' websites.

  • Tickets are Economy Class, winners are responsible for surcharges, fees and taxes.

  • Tickets are round-trip to/from Hong Kong, subject to restrictions and terms imposed by the airlines.

Hong Kong Skyline at night


How to Participate

  • Register through participating airlines' designated webpages or through the dedicated website of the Airport Authority.

  • The registration dates for Mainland China will be announced at the end of March 2023

  • Southeast Asia (inbound): March 1st, 2023 onwards

  • Mainland China (inbound): April onwards

  • Northeast Asia (inbound): May onwards

  • Hong Kong (outbound): July onwards

  • Other markets (inbound): May onwards

COVID Restrictions Relaxed

  • Hong Kong has relaxed its COVID restrictions, including lifting the mandatory quarantine on arrival in September and no longer requiring self-isolation on arrival, provided travelers test negative for COVID.

  • Inbound tourists are subject to rapid antigen testing on arrival and again on day five of their visit. Proof of vaccination is also required for those over 12 years old, unless there are medical reasons for not being vaccinated.

Hong Kong HK Government announcing Hello Hong Kong tourism campaign


  • Aims to stimulate air traffic and promote recovery of aviation industry, tourism and economy of Hong Kong

  • In addition, around 80,000 tickets will be given away to Hong Kong residents in summer 2023, and some will be given away in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

  • 65% of tickets will be given out by airlines, remaining will be reserved for tourism-related sectors to support inbound tourism and promote Hong Kong.

Festivals and Events

The city will host more than 250 events and festivals in 2023, including the following:


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